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CSULB.GD Social Media: Junior Showcase
Being the Social Media Lead for my Graphic Design program, I was assigned to arrange a Junior showcase to introduce my fellow classmates and I to our social media account.Social Media Lead
Kiani Tanaka-Yee 

Jan- Feb. 2022
Social Media Team
Joanna DariaJacob JohnsonCarlos HenriquezAlly Tajudin

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+ Carlos Henriquez

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Being my cohort’s Social Media Lead has helped me jump out of my comfort zone. This was the first time I decided to take a leadership position. Normally I listen and do what is told, but this time around I was giving out commands for my team to follow. Seeing how well my Junior Showcase went, I am excited to build my skills in social media marketing and design.

Kiani Tanaka-Yee