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Design is not perfect and neither is the process. The Transparent show aims to expose our mistakes as designers and as people.

“Transparent” refers to us being transparent with our work an process instead of just showing our work perfect and done as if it was easy. I want to show how hard it can be to be creative with all the iterations of work we go through, trashed ideas, work we hate from ourselves, and the mistakes we learn from. Let’s embrace our mistakes.

Transparent materials, digitally and physically, will be the common theme among the visual identity. This includes the logo, signage, print, web, video, etc,.— not just art installations. There will be an edgy, messy aspect that I encourage people to show in order to be transparent with the real sides of us. We will potentially (if people want to) have an interview, documentary style video where students will share their biggest mistakes, within design or in life. This will be a highly collaborative effort allowing designers to create what they want (with approval of course.)
Creative DirectorMegan Ng

Project Manager/Social Media LeadKiani Tanaka-Yee
Art DirectorsKiani Tanaka-Yee
Joanna Daria
Christian Ross
Sarah Kim
Emily Dung
Carlos Henriquez

Financial AdvisorAmanda Kresge

Reel & VideoAmanda Kresge
Brendon To
Jacob Johnson

MarketingJoanna Daria
Kenna Loveland
Kiani Tanaka-Yee
Patrick Li
Ally Tajudin
Alexis Robleto

MerchandiseSarah Kim
Lila Hunter
Denise Tran
WebEmily Dung
Sage Yoo

EnviromentalChristian Ross
Daisy Macias
Cheryl Konen
German Vega

Reel & VideoAmanda Kresge
Brendon To
Jacob Johnson

Post ProductionCarlos Henriquez
Kiani Tanaka-Yee
Patrick Li
Kenna Loveland
Kai Miller

OutreachKiani Tanaka-Yee
Kai Miller
Thuyen Nguyen

Transparent-Design Show | Logo + Megan Ng

Transparent-Design Show | Reel
+ Amanda Kresge & Brendon To

Transparent-Design Show | Merch
+ Sarah Kim, Lila Hunter, Denise Tran, & Megan Ng

Transparent-Design Show | Social Media Campaign+ Joanna Daria, Kiani Tanaka-Yee, & Patrick Li

Transparent-Design Show | Manifesto+ Christian Ross

Transparent-Design Show | Show

Transparent-Design Show | Website+ Emily Dung & Sage Yoo

Transparent-Design Show | Manifesto + Megan Ng

Transparent-Design Show | Poster Wall 

Kiani Tanaka-Yee